PRE-SS23 "C'est la capitale, C'est Orggeïl Bèbè"

por Orggeil ClothingCo

PRE-SS23 is the last step in the Fall-Winter 2022-2023 campaign, but at the same time, it is the perfect introduction to the upcoming "Saint Orggeïl Season 3". It navigates the edge between summer and winter, mixing influences from both

The collection is called "C'est la Capitale, C'est Orggeïl Bèbè". To explain, we have to go back to late 2020
When designing our second drop, "Révolution", we were heavily influenced by the French rap urban scene. We listened to artists like JUL, PLK, PNL, among others. There was a song called "Bandeé Organisé" where JUL created a joint between all the emerging rappers in France. One of them, called Kofs, said during the song "C'est pas la Capitale, c'est Marseille bébé"
We used to play this song at parties, and all our friends shouted when that part came in. So for me, this hoodie represents two things: the big influence of French underground culture and the direct relationship it creates with my friends' crew

This hoodie was our first bestseller. It kind of put us on the map. So when planning this drop back in November 2022, we decided to bring it back.It was the perfect moment to introduce our latest modifications to hoodies: new cotton, new structure, new pattern, and introduce for the first time this heavy washed technique. All of this to highlight the progress we've made between the COB Hoodie Vol.1 in 2020 and this one
The collection isn't just the hoodie. In fact, for me, it is the "less" important piece because of the high work and detail we've put into the rest of the collection. Our new range of 4th long sleeve shirts are truly incredible, with the new updated 340 100% GSM cotton. The t-shirts make them a truly outstanding luxury piece

Lastly but not least, the cargo split pants made from crinkled nylon yarn with zipped ankles are a piece that we've been searching for in our wardrobe but couldn't find, so we decided to make them.Hope you all enjoy it. Best regards, Nico.